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“The carpet and floor cleaning in the main church building was a big job and I appreciate your crew working around our schedule. There are lots of meetings at the church and it can be very difficult to deal with all our requirements. Your crew was always very prompt and very professional in their work. I especially appreciate the way they handled the requests for extra detailing from some of my more demanding members. The very thorough job the crew did on the older carpets made many of them look better than they have looked in years.” Jan E.

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How to maintain your gutters

A woman recently called ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance because she was concerned her gutters were clogged. “I am looking out my office window and a waterfall is pouring out of the  gutter,” she explained. “Does this mean my gutters are clogged?” Mostly...

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Sink and Shower Restoration

Sink and Shower restoration Too often, people believe the only way they can get rid of the scratches in the sink, the stains in the shower or replace the pink sink and shower stall is to do a complete remodel of their bathroom. Think again. Or at least before you...

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Got Dirty Gutters?

I have a friend who is scared to death every time her husband climbs on a ladder and tries to clean the gutters on their two-story house with its peaked roofs. She wonders about his sanity taking on this fall task each year, especially when he fell off a ladder while...

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Window Cleaning Services

Living in the Willamette Valley, I cannot drive far without seeing a farm. I know this has been an unusually dry summer but I didn’t really realize how dry it was until I watched a farmer plow his field. A huge cloud of dust – about two to three stories high – trailed...

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