With Thanksgiving a week away, I believe it’s time to take a moment to ponder what we are thankful for and why we give at ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance. Since there are 12 letters in Thanksgiving, I decided to list six each of what we give and why we are thankful.

What we give:

1. We give opportunities. We believe in people and giving people a chance or a second chance. We believe when you believe in someone, it helps them believe in themselves. And in turn, they giveback.

2. We give back to our community. Whether it’s helping U.S. Veterans, local students or nonprofit organizations, we believe in the words, “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” Every day, we are given a great deal and blessed to have a great company. That’s why we give back.

3. We give our best. Whether we are cleaning your carpets or windows, removing leaves from your gutter or refinishing your floors or sink, we give our best to every customer.

4. We give solutions to everyday problems. More than being a cleaning company, I see us as a company that believes “every problem has a solution.” And that’s what we do everyday for our clients. Solve their cleaning problems.

5. We give by leading through example. I know a lot of people who talk about what they will do. I believe in showing what I can do. I believe in speaking through my actions. That means if I need to go to a work site and do the work, I will do it. Because the only way to teach others what I expect from them is to lead by example.

6. We give because we care. We care about our employees, our community, other businesses and more. We give because we believe if you want to see something done to make a positive impact in your community, you need to be willing to give.

We give thanks to:

1. Our employees – Each and every day, we couldn’t do what we do without an incredible team of employees. We appreciate how hard they work and how much pride they take in doing great work. We are thankful for their dedication to whatever job they are assigned.

2. Our clients – We thank our clients for trusting us and believing in us to clean their offices, carpets, windows, floors and more. We thank them for trusting us to tackle projects like cleaning their parking lots, gutters and new construction projects. We thank them for their business.

3. Our friends – Luckily for us, many of our clients and our employees we also consider our friends. A huge thank you to all our friends for their incredible support.

4. Our families – People often ask me how I do it, work with my wife every day. I tell them it’s easy. She and I believe in the same thing.

Treating others how we want to be treated and that extends to how we do business to how we give back to our community. Our families – whether it’s Brenda and my family – or our employees’ families mean everything to us. They provide us strength, inspiration and the willingness to go the extra mile. Doing a job well done is our way of giving back to them.

5. Our country – We are thankful to live in a country that provides us with opportunities, with the ability to pursue dreams and to be who we are. We are proud of our service to our country and for all it means to be an American.

6. A day to give thanks – It is our hope that every day in some large or small way, everyone takes a moment to give back and to give thanks for whatever it is that’s important to them. We believe every act of kindness inspires another. Here’s to being thankful for all we have been blessed with and for having a day to celebrate it.