Graffiti is something I don’t like seeing on a building, an underpass, a mailbox or a wall.

Not only is it an eyesore and a destruction of private or public property, it’s also a sign there is criminal activity in the area.

According to the City of Salem’s Anti-Graffiti ordinance, “Graffiti” means any inscription, word, figure, design, painting, writing, drawing or carving that is marked, etched, scratched, drawn, painted, or otherwise applied to property without the prior authorization of the owner of the property regardless of the graffiti content, or nature of the material used in the commission of the act, or the material of the property.”

The City of Salem also has laws on removing graffiti, giving the owner of the property five days from the time of receiving a letter or otherwise making arrangements with the City for a timeline to have it removed.

Cleaning up graffiti can be a challenge, especially when it comes to knowing how to properly remove graffiti from wood, brick, cement or glass.

If your business has been tagged with graffiti, I encourage you to give ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance a call at 503-363-4457 because we are experts when it comes to removing graffiti.

We removed graffiti from the brick walls at the historic train station, from the sides of many commercial buildings and sometimes even from glass. It’s important to remove the graffiti as soon as possible. For example, brick is very porous, meaning the longer the graffiti is on the brick, the harder it is to remove.

Whether it’s ink, Magic Markers, spray paint or other tagging tools, we have most likely seen it and removed it from brick, stucco, concrete, wood and stone.

Another reason we recommend removing graffiti as soon as possible is because it lets the taggers know you are aware of the situation and can help prevent other taggers from marking up your property. We always recommend reporting any graffiti in your neighborhood to the Salem Police Department’s Graffiti Abatement Team, which is responsible for following up and recording each complaint.

According to the Salem Police Department’s Graffiti Abatement Team’s website, graffiti is a sign there may be other criminal activity in the area including gang or drug activity. By allowing graffiti to remain on a building, it can send the message that the area is not safe for business or residential owners. Customers may be hesitant to visit businesses with graffiti on them, thus resulting in less sales for the business owners.

By quickly removing graffiti, it sends the message that crime is unwelcome and the property owners will be on the lookout for taggers.

If you have questions about removing graffiti from your business or home or would like to receive a quote, give ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance a call at 503-363-4457