Todd & Brenda resizedA client had recently purchased 75 new computers. She and her staff had spent the day setting them up at individual work stations around her office, leaving a pile of boxes and cardboard awaiting to be recycled on the next day.

Our client’s plan was to arrive early the next morning to start the long and tedious process of breaking down and recycling the cardboard boxes; except that when she arrived at work, to her delight she discovered the work had already been done for her by the janitorial team at ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance.

At ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance, we are all about customer service. We believe in providing our clients with quality services. We do our job so our clients can concentrate on doing theirs. I know it makes my day when I walk into my office the day after our janitorial team has cleaned it. What a joy to see the work they have done and what a relief to know the care they put into making sure things are spic and span.

We take pride in the work done by our janitorial service team. And that’s what they are – a team.

A janitorial supervisor is assigned to each team. We believe an extra set of eyes guarantees we don’t miss a spot. Over the years, we have created a cleaning routine that makes sure we leave a room looking great. Our janitorial team knows what cleaning products work and which ones don’t. Our mission is for our clients to walk into their office or place of business and smile, thankful for the work we have done.

We also believe in the importance of communication. At each business, we place a communications log book where the office manager can write a list of tasks that need some extra TLC or specific requests of what needs to be cleaned. The communication log also gives clients the opportunity to provide feedback on our work and let the cleaning team know exactly what is expected. It is also a great way for our team to let the office know of anything that they noticed while cleaning, such as: a stock item is in short supply, or a security issue that was noticed, or anything unusual in nature such as someone seen lurking around the building.

We also have a security system in place to make sure when you give us the keys to your company, they are secured. I am a stickler for proper protocol – all those years in the US Navy as an electrician senior chief on destroyers and destroyer escorts. When trusted to do a job, I make sure it is done right. My company’s responsibility is to take the worry of doing the work off your shoulders and letting you know if you hire our janitorial team, that the work will be done to meet or beat your expectations.

There have even been times when our team has found and secured items of great value that they found while cleaning: a bag found in a public restroom containing $10,000 in checks and cash that someone meant to deposit; a very expensive diamond ring found under a dining table; a cashbox next to an open safe that someone forgot to secure; someone’s driver’s license and other ID left out on a counter in a public area. Each time, our team took care of the situation and alerted us to what they found and how they secured it for the customer.

Also, many of our customers have been with us for over nine years! I feel that this says a lot about the integrity and performance of our janitorial service.

Time and time again, I have heard a company president or an office manager say they don’t need to hire a professional janitorial service team. They figure a secretary or an assistant can clean the company kitchen or bathroom and sweep or vacuum the floors.

My response is I wouldn’t hire a professional chef, secretary, accountant or lawyer to clean my office. Why?

Because they aren’t trained to do professional cleaning; but mostly because it takes away from the time they should be dedicating to what they do best – the job they were trained to do. I invite business owners to call ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance to receive a free quote and learn how our professional and quality janitorial services can benefit your business.