Sink and Shower restoration

Too often, people believe the only way they can get rid of the scratches in the sink, the stains in the shower or replace the pink sink and shower stall is to do a complete remodel of their bathroom.

Think again.

Or at least before you start gutting your bathroom, give ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance at 503-363-4457  a call to schedule a free estimate of what it would cost to restore your sink and shower/tub.

Let’s start with two big disadvantages of a remodel – it takes time and it’s expensive. Ask yourselves how long are your prepared to go without the extra bathroom? Days? Weeks? Because that’s how long it usually takes to do a remodel.

On the other hand, if you decide to restore your bathroom appliances, it’s less expensive and takes way less time –  just a single service call one day to do the work.

Think of your bathroom appliances like a classic car, one that is built to last. If the car got a scratch or a dent, you would fix it.

Think of your tub, sink or shower in the same way. It is built sturdily, but sometimes needs some tender loving care.

And that’s where a restoration project arrives to the rescue. Just like the car, the shower or sink is still good, it’s just that the surface needs a “facelift” to rid it of its signs of aging and overuse.

Our ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance staff members take pride in all the work we do and restoring damaged surfaces to like new is one thing we pride ourselves on doing and doing well.

Regardless if your tub or shower has scratches, chips or cracks, we have the techniques and tools to make it look new again.

So before you decide to hire a contractor to do a complete remodel of your bathroom that includes somehow getting the shower out of the house, give ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance the opportunity to share with you how we restore sinks, tubs and showers and how we can change your appliances from pink to ivory – or whatever color you decide.

Remodel or restore?

The choice is definitely yours to make. We also guarantee our work 100 percent and because we are in the cleaning business, we will leave your bathroom cleaner than we found it.

With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to make an appointment to get your bathrooms in tip-top shape before the guests arrive.