A colleague was recently at a grocery store when she saw another customer drop a case of beer, causing several bottles to break. The customer picked up what glass he could while swearing up a storm, leaving behind slivers and chunks of glass along with a sticky smelly beer mess.Worried someone would pop a tire, my colleague went into the store and asked for someone to sweep up the glass. Even a broom and dustpan weren’t enough to get up all the glass.

Unfortunately, parking lots are littered with glass, trash and cigarette butts and while they are the first thing a customer sees, they are often the last place that gets cleaned. One reason is that too many store managers can’t afford to send an employee out to the parking lot to sweep it from front to back – especially with cars zooming in and out. And just imagine how much time that would take. Before business owners shrug their shoulders and think “oh, well, there’s not much I can do to clean the parking lot”  – they can now think again.

ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance has a power sweeper. We have many businesses and property management companies that use our Power Sweeping to keep their commercial and residential parking lots clean. Our high-power air sweeper not only sweeps your pavement but we use other cleaning methods too, like our commercial blowers to blow out behind curbs and against car stops. Our goal is to make sure your parking lot looks like a freshly swept and cleaned kitchen floor. When your customers arrive in your parking lot, you want to start them off with a good first impression. Not only do we take care of the dirt and grit that has accumulated on the parking lot, we also make sure you are aware of any other problems we spy such as a pothole or areas that need a good pressure washing – pressure washing is something we can take care of too!  Our goal is to treat your business like we would treat our own – with the respect and care it needs to look professional.

We provide you with excellent customer service so you can do the same for your customers. You never want to have a customer complain that they punctured a tire at your business or have a tenant at your apartment complex say she cut her foot on glass at your parking lot. Having your parking lot regularly power swept is a cost-effective business strategy for your property and your tenants.

Give us a call to schedule your weekly or monthly parking lot maintenance service. We provide free bids and an honest answer on how we can meet your needs.