I am pretty particular about who I hire.

I don’t hire men or women who need a job.

I hire men and women who want a job, who want to work hard, believe in the importance of teamwork, know the meaning of respect and most importantly, are trustworthy.

At ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance, I consider it the highest honor to be asked to work in your home or your business. I know when you hire my company to complete a task – whether it’s window washing or cleaning your parking lot or cleaning your office – that you are expecting the job to be done and done to your satisfaction.

When I hire an employee, I think to myself – would I trust this person to be in my office? In my home?

And I can tell you, the answer is yes with every employee I have.

My employees and I have an understanding that when they go to a job site, they are not there as an individual. They are there as part of the ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance team. They know they represent me and my business.

At ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance, we stand behind our work. If we don’t do a job to your satisfaction, I will personally come and solve the problem.

My employees and I know that the quality of our work is what gets us the next job.

I am thankful to work with a team of employees who I can trust, who work hard and who believe in a job well done.