I have a friend who is scared to death every time her husband climbs on a ladder and tries to clean the gutters on their two-story house with its peaked roofs.

She wonders about his sanity taking on this fall task each year, especially when he fell off a ladder while cleaning the gutters with even him saying it’s a miracle he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Thankfully, she has convinced him that by the time he gets all the necessary supplies and does the work and takes the debris to the garbage dump, it would cost him less to hire a company to clean their gutters and roof. Plus save her from having a heart attack.

We encourage you to let our professionals at ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance to clean your roof and your gutters.

Although it’s been a dry summer, there has been a lot of wind, causing small twigs and leaves to fill your gutters. Cleaning your roof and your gutters is an investment in maintaining your home.

The professionals at ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance are trained to clean all styles and composites of roofs including large, flat, white, rubberized roofs as well as stone, concrete, wood or asphalt shingle roofs. When we clean your gutters, we also check the downspouts to the ground level to make sure there is nothing causing backup. We clean the face of the gutter to remove any dirt and debris. When we are finished, we bag and remove all the debris for you.

So for worry warts who want to convince your partner to hire ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance, here are some facts to know:

We get homeowners asking for a quote over the phone to clean their gutters or roof. What we share is the scope of work for each home is unique and special to that home. The longer a job is going to take, the more it will cost. Prices vary on three components: the time involved to get the job done, the products used and the level of cleaning required.

To give you an approximate idea of your potential gutter cleaning costs, please review the below pricing structure:

Single-story home up to 160 – 180 linear ft. of gutter: From $80 – $145

Two-story home up to 200+ linear ft. of gutter: From $145 – $250

Two or three-story home up to 250+ linear ft. of gutter: From $185 – $350

I always encourage people to estimate how much their time is worth. And their safety. And wouldn’t they rather spend a Saturday cheering for their favorite college football team, taking a drive in the country or going for a hike than cleaning their roof or gutter?

Give ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance a call for a free estimate. Let the professionals tackle this fall and spring cleaning chore for you.