ABC Window Cleaners earns it Marion EarthWise award.

ABC Window Cleaners earns it Marion EarthWise award.

ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance, LLC
is dedicated to the following actions: recycle, reuse, and the purchase of
remanufactured products whenever and wherever possible.

Recycle:  We currently recycle products at our location as well as assisting many of our clients to recycle: batteries, fluorescent lights, styrofoam, cardboard and paper of all kinds, metal, and plastic bags. The KANZ for Kids project started as a fundraising idea by our President, Todd Londin. It has since evolved into a uniquely designed project, bringing together community volunteers and at-risk youth – providing ongoing financial support and real world work experience for Northwest Human Services’ HOST youth. Runaway and homeless youth from the HOST Transitional Living Program work together in teams with community volunteers collecting redeemable cans from collection sites throughout the community. The returnable cans and bottles are redeemed to provide sustained community based income for the HOST Program.

Reuse:  Whenever we clean out a location where someone has left clothing or other goods or materials, we always find good homes for those items by matching them to the local charities in need. Our window cleaning rags are made from surgical cloth material that were used only once by a hospital, then have been cleaned and sterilized for resale. We use them for up to 2 years before they then are remarked as emergency cleanup rags for paint or oil. We use paper grocery bags over and over again to carry and hold general recycling materials that we later sort in our recycling bins. These bags get about 5 or 6 uses before becoming torn and then are placed in recycling themselves.

Purchase:  We purchase a lot of our cleaning supplies and products from a local distributor for Procter & Gamble that focuses on offering many innovative products that are environmentally friendly. For example, all of our cleaning crews use O’Dell Echo mop-heads which use engineered fibers produced entirely from recycled materials, which include components such as cotton and PET plastic bottles. They absorb over 4.4 times their weight in water and release almost 30% upon wringing. We use 100% recycled office copy paper.

Storm Water Runoff Prevention: When we pressure wash, we create a bio-barrier with any storm drain in the immediate area to prevent contaminants from entering it. Also, when we clean carpets with our truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit, we always dump the used water into the sewer system, not into the storm drains. Preventing pollution from entering water is much more affordable than cleaning polluted water!

We participate frequently in the household hazardous waste disposal with Marion County and we have received our EarthWISE certification through Marion County Public Works – Environmental Services.