Being in this business for as long as I have, I have learned people tend to

be predictable, especially in November and December.

Maybe it’s the switch in daylight savings time or the fact Christmas

decorations appear before Halloween, but all of a sudden people go into

the fall cleaning panic mode. They want to make sure their homes and

offices are looking great before the arrival of guests for holiday dinners or


November and December also happen to be the months when there seems

more work to do at both the home and the office, leaving little time to

tackle everything on your “To Do list.”

That’s why I encourage you to call ABC Window Cleaners & Building

Maintenance to clean your wood floors, carpet, windows, and roofs and

gutters. We have both the time and the expertise to get whatever task you

need done quickly and effectively. We make sure we leave every home or

office looking better than we found it. And giving you the time you need to

enjoy planning for guests and enjoying the holiday season.

Here’s a breakdown of our fall cleaning services:


If you were one of the brave ones out and about Halloween night, you

know which homes and businesses had clogged gutters. They were the

ones were a waterfall was falling from the gutter and drenching anyone


While October in the Willamette Valley started out like an Indian Summer,

it definitely went out rainy, windy and cold. Now is the time to unclog your

gutters and clean your roof.

Our professional staff can clean all kinds of roofs and our staff knows what

to look for when cleaning the roof. When we clean your gutters, we make

sure they are clean from the inside to the out. We also haul away all the

debris for you.


Trust me, your carpet tells a lot about your life. If you have pets, wear

shoes in the house, are messy or tidy, you name it. People tend to think

they can just vacuum their carpet and use a little spray cleaner to keep

their carpets neat and clean. But ask yourself, would you go six months or

more without washing your hair. No. That’s why you should clean your

carpet every six months. Our carpet cleaning team is trained by the

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. We have the latest

technology, competitive price and offer our commercial and residential

carpet cleaning seven days a week.

We also have the references from businesses and homeowners to back our

work. We provide free estimates, so give us a call and let us take care of

your carpet cleaning.


Let’s be honest because we all have that one relative or one client who

notices everything, including your dirty windows. I happen to believe dirty

windows are like having a dirty face, with smudges of mud or yesterday’s

makeup. Clean windows make a good impression plus they also let more

light in.

Whether your building is five stories or one story tall, let ABC Window

Cleaners & Building Maintenance bring the sparkle back to your windows

this window.


ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance is the only Procter & Gamble

authorized floor cleaning and care provider for all of Oregon. Our attention

to detail is second to none and we won’t skimp on product quality for your

job. Only the best from a Procter & Gamble provider!   From striping and

waxing, wood floor care, carpet cleaning, all your floor care needs, call ABC

today at 503-363-4457. If you want to see an example of how we took

wood floors from drab to looking new, check out ABC Window Cleaners

and Building Maintenance’s Facebook page.

Whether you need your windows, floors, carpets or gutters cleaned, give

ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance a call now and make an

appointment for a free estimate.