ABC Windows

A friend of mine recently had a bathroom remodeled in a vacation rental home. She arrived to tidy the house before the next guests’ arrival only to discover the contractors for the bathroom were less than neat. Instead of taking about two hours to clean the house, it took four hours.

Now imagine what a mess a new home build is after one contractor leaves and another arrives.

Take a stroll or drive through almost any town in the Mid-Willamette Valley and you are bound to see new construction sites.

During Great Recession in 2008 and a few years after, construction took a nose dive. Thankfully, things are starting to pick up again with new homes and commercial sites being built.

If you are a builder, one thing you know is before one contractor – say the plumber comes in, he wants the worksite clean and ready to go.

That’s where ABC Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance is eager and ready to help. We can clean-up after the construction of a house or building. From appliance boxes to dust and smudges to practically impossible to remove stickers from windows and smudges here and there, our dedicated team at ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance can tackle any task.

Being a former military man, I know what it takes for a house to pass inspection – my inspection. I make sure every house or business my team cleans meets my strict standards. If it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for the owner of your new house.

We make sure we have nabbed every speck of dust on the walls, ceiling fans, baseboards, handrails, cupboards and more. We clean the scuffs, the brick, eliminate dabs of paint or caulk, remove the grime from window tracks and clean inside the closets.

Our goal is to make the house or business move in ready and to showcase the great work by the contractor.

We want the client just to admire their new place.