Window Cleaning Services

When we clean your windows, we don’t just “wash the glass”, we also clean all the screens, tracks and frames, including sills and ledges. In other words, we are your complete window cleaner. After 75+ years in the business, we are proud that 1) We have several customers that are second and third generation customers; 2) many major local contractors choose to use our construction clean crews; and 3) we are the only company trusted enough to care for the historic glass for the City of Salem.

Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning

Working on the Red Lion Inn

Working off a 40′ ladder

Construction Clean “The Rivers”

ABC’s Window Cleaning Team

A beautiful customers home

Window Cleaning Salem City Library

Often times, a homeowner will call and ask us to give them a window cleaning quote over the phone; however, the scope of work for each home is unique and special to that home. If your windows have been regularly maintained and yours are relatively free of debris and stickers, then the job is easier. The longer a job is going to take, the more it will cost. For example: storm windows, French-style cutups or a jobsite 25+ miles from the Salem metro area will create an increase in the job cost. Prices vary on three components: the time involved to get the job done, the products used and the level of cleaning required. To give you an approximate idea of your potential cleaning costs, please review the below pricing structure:

Home Size Small:  2-3 bedroom, ranch style, single-story home, 1500 – 1800 sq. ft. Interior Window Cleaning: From $61 Exterior Window Cleaning: From $122

Medium: Split-level 2-story home, 1800 – 2500 sq. ft. Interior Window Cleaning: From $98 Exterior Window Cleaning: From $173

Large:    2 or 3-story home, 2500 – 4000 sq. ft. Interior Window Cleaning: From $135 Exterior Window Cleaning: From $209  

Isn’t it time… you called us, your professional window cleaners? Please contact us today for a free Quote.