Foot-PrintsOn a recent walk one sunny evening, I noticed a trail of white footprints ahead of me. I wasn’t sure, but thought I might be following the Invisible Man as the footprints started at one business and ended about 200 feet at another. It was clear the person had stepped in something white and was tracking it wherever he or she went.

Seeing the white footprints got me thinking:  How much visible and insignificant stuff are we tracking into our homes and our businesses each day?

Whether you are walking on the parking lot of your local grocery store, running on the track or your kids are playing on the artificial turf, strolling through your local park or hiking in the forest, your shoes are like magnets – attracting all sorts of yucky stuff. And for the sake of not grossing you out, we’ll narrow it down to bacteria, toxins and dirt. All and all, some pretty nasty stuff gets on your shoes and you then bring it into your house.

With the spring and summer months, you are probably spending more time outdoors, meaning more opportunities for you and  your family members to  track more dirt and germs into the house.

While you are sitting on your couch or playing blocks with a child on the floor, you might want to ponder how much stuff from the outside is now lurking in your carpet; and while vacuuming does remove the dirt, it doesn’t take care of everything.

That’s why you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

At ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance, we have a reputation for tackling carpet and floor cleaning for both residential and business customers. From churches to homes to hotels to adult care facilities, we are eager to tackle the toughest jobs.

It’s recommended low traffic carpet areas can go 12 to 18 months between cleanings – think of the rooms in your house that aren’t used very often. High traffic areas should be cleaned four times a year – winter, spring, summer and fall. If your household has pets, smokers, children or a good amount of foot traffic, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned two to four times a year.

It’s especially important to have carpets cleaned if you have young children in the house, since they spend a great deal of time on the floor.

We at ABC Window Cleaners and Building Maintenance can also be called to handle unexpected situations including stains of all kinds.  If there has been sudden water flooding, we can do water extraction on the carpets.

When picking a carpet cleaning company, it’s important to select one with good references. If you look at the businesses we work for, you’ll discover our clients include two prestigious hotels, adult care facilities and several large commercial facilities.

We provide free estimates and discuss ways we can clean your carpet. Our cleaning methods include hot water extraction, green cleaning and soil encapsulation and spin bonnet method. Our carpet cleaning team is highly and professionally trained. We use the latest technology and equipment.

Whether you own a business or a home, it’s important to keep it clean because a clean home leads to better health and happiness for everyone.

Give us a call and let us remove the toxins, bacteria and grime from your home or business carpets.